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Convenience, Confidence and Support

This has been our Mantra since our founder Nichola Lawton, founded the original company back in 2005. Since then, we have grown and now provide a comprehensive suite of bio-testing services. Our presence in London has also grown. Consequently, we are one of the biggest providers of drug testing related services in the Greater London area. In fact, we now have 14 locations, providing drug and alcohol tests, DNA testing and Workplace Medicals. In short, this provides the convenience our clients demand.

The Confidence in our testing services comes from the ISO certification and Laboratory accreditation we achieve and maintain. Importantly, this sets up apart from other providers in London who do not achieve the required level of compliance. As a result, your personal information is processed and maintained in accordance with all GDPR requirements.

Finally, the support we provide is delivered through our highly educated and experienced team. Consequently, you will be speaking to ‘science degree educated’ Clinical Advisors. Our Advisors are on hand to guide you through the testing process and provide you with answers to any questions you may have.


Meet the Team

Dr Nichola Lawton BSc (Hons) Bio Medical Science

Company Founder and Director

I graduated from Liverpool’s John Moores University with a Bio Medical Science degree in 2004. After this, in 2005 I opened my first laboratory in Liverpool and 23 DNA Clinics around the UK. Importantly, my passion has always been to provide the best possible advice and support for the testing people need. Above all, I feel we achieve this by having a team of highly educated and dedicated individuals. Indeed, I am proud of my staff, who believe in my values and put these in to practice everyday.

Jemma Major BSc (Hons) Bio Medical Science

Quality Assurance Manager

My role at Crystal Health Group is Quality Assurance Manager. This involves a lot of technical know how to comply with all the accreditations that we must maintain. I graduated from John Moores University in Liverpool with a Bio Medical Science degree back in 2004. Since then I have worked in the Life Science sector in many roles including the NHS and Pathology. Additionally, I spent time living and working in South Africa.

Olivia Bligh BSc (Hons) Neuroscience

Senior Clinical Advisor

As a Senior Clinical Advisor, I get to talk to people about the science behind the different tests that we offer. I graduated from Manchester University with a Neuro Science Degree. It’s great that I get to put aspects of the Life Sciences to use daily.

Emma Jones BSc (Hons) Medical Bio Chemistry

Senior Clinical Advisor

My role at Crystal Health Group is to put in layman’s terms how each of our tests work. Importantly, its key that our clients understand how the test can give them the answers they need. My degree in Bio Medical Chemistry has given me the experience and skills to quickly adapt the way I talk to people. Specifically, this allows me to communicate the science of the tests in simple terms.

Danielle Delos Angeles BSc (Hons) Bio Medical Science

Senior Clinical Advisor

As well as speaking to clients about the tests, a big part of my role is coordinating the commercial drug test results. I graduated from Manchester University with a Bio Medical Science degree. My science background has given me the skills I need to interpret results and talk clients through these when needed.

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