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Hair Alcohol Testing

What is a Hair Alcohol Test?

It is a legally defensible alcohol test and performed at our UKAS 17025 laboratory. We collect all hair samples using strict chain of custody procedures. Next, we send the hair samples by secure courier to the laboratory. The Hair Alcohol Test is different than the Hair Drug Test. For instance, Alcohol doesn’t deposit itself inside the hair shaft. So instead, we look for Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) and Fatty Acids Ethyl Esters (FAEE). These are biomarkers of alcohol consumption, that we detect in hair. Depending on the levels detected, it can show abstinence. Or, it can point to chronic excessive consumption of alcohol. This can date back for a period of 3 or 6 months.


Why use the Hair Alcohol Test?

If you need an alcohol test for legal purposes that analyses a longer-term timescale, then this is ideal for you. Typical uses include:

  • Court ordered alcohol tests
  • Sign of abstinence from alcohol

Also, this test has many other benefits including:

  • UKAS 17025 Accredited
  • A 3 working day test turn-around
  • ISO Certified process to 9001, 14001 and 27001

Appointments and useful information

Contact us on 0800 988 7107 to book an appointment. Please do not contact the clinics direct. The head office coordinates all appointments.

A qualified Clinical Advisor will guide you through the hair alcohol test process. Furthermore, we will answer any technical questions you may have. Also, we can talk you through other types of testing. These might be more suitable for your circumstances. Important, there are limitation to certain hair types, please ask about this when you call.


We will coordinate with your chosen collection service and arrange the appointment. Following this, we will send you an email with your appointment details. For instance, confirming important details such as identification requirements.


Call us now to discuss your requirements and get a quotation for the hair alcohol test. The price we provide you with includes:

  • All administration
  • Sample Collection Appointment
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Alcohol Test report

Also, ask us about the split payment option we can offer to private individuals. This helps you spread the cost of your drug test.

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